Thursday, July 27, 2017

"What is your life goal?"

Well, that's the hardest question I guess?

Have you ever think about it? When people ask you,

"What is your life goal?"

Some might have said a cliche one... but, oh well, who cares, that's their goals. So, how about us?

Lama aku berfikir tentang apakah sebenarnya matlamat hidup aku?

Adakah apabila kita telahpun mencapai matlamat hidup kita, maka hidup kita akan berakhir?

Jadi, adakah matlamat hidup perlu dibuat untuk jangka masa yang agak panjang?

Perlukah matlamat hidup menjadi sesuatu yang realistik atau sekadar fantasi?

Maka, segala jawapan hanya ada pada diri kita. You don't need to tell the world. It's just you.

I've been thinking about this (like throughout of my life?). I'm not really sure whether I do have my life goal or not.

Like, when I was in school, my goal was to be accepted into medical school and alhamdulillah, I did it. I wanted to get a scholarship because I don't want to burden my family (after seeing my parents were struggling to survive) and alhamdulillah I did it too (though it is a "Pinjaman Boleh Ubah", in shaa Allah I akan ubah dia).

I wanted 5A's for my UPSR and Allah gave it.
I wanted 9A's for my PMR and Allah gave it too.
I wanted 11A's for my SPM and I didn't get it but.....

Oh well, it's a long story. Long story short, He still give the chance to do medicine.

Allah sangat baik!

Tapi aku tak rasa aku adalah yang terbaik untuk Dia. Throughout my life, I feel like I got almost everything I want. Yes, almost everything.
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Selalu sangattttt rasa tak layak sangat sebab kita pendosa. Kita selalu minta but never return something to Allah. You get me?

Because I thought, by achieving these goals, I'll make my parents proud. I did but somehow I don't feel that I'm satisfied. You know, as you grow bigger and your goals yang dulu tu dah tercapai, of course you want a new life goal. To make your parents more proud of you. Jasa, memang tak terbalas lah.

I have renew my life goals. This time is plural hehe.
But, this time is different. I don't know how to explain but it's different.
Mungkin sebab dah besar kot dan semua keputusan kena pandai buat sendiri. Salah buat keputusan, salah jalan. Tapi, tak rasa ke keputusan yang kita buat tu adalah part of Allah's plan?
Mungkin keputusan kita memang akan bawa ke jalan yang salah but it's only temporary?
Then, He'll show the Siratal Mustaqim back. Tak ke?

Sebenarnya, kita sangat perlu tetapkan matlamat hidup kita supaya kita tidak terpesong jauh. Manusia yang mempunyai wawasan dan matlamat is a gem! Tak semua manusia, pernah berfikir sedalam-dalam yang mungkin tentang matlamat hidup dia.

When you find one, be friends with her/him because whenever you burnt out, they'll get you back on your track.

I choose to be a doctor because I'm inspired by the doctors all around the world yang volunteer to help people out there. Like, what a purest and sincerest heart they have! There's no allowance or payment but you need to spend your money.

It's better for them to just have a rest at their home and spending time with their hobbies and relaxing but them....
They volunteered to spend time with the citizen instead of their beloved family!
You want to know why?
Sebab melakukan kebaikan adalah satu kepuasan sebenarnya.

Allah telah menciptakan semua hamba-Nya dengan satu fitrah yang kita tak boleh nafikan iaitu,

Kepuasan dalam melakukan kebaikan.

Kalau ada yang tak puas hati ketika melakukan kebaikan atau mempunyai niat yang sebaliknya dalam melakukan kebaikan, there must be something wrong with one's heart. That's it.

For me, it's a satisfaction when you can see someone is smiling back to you after you do good deed to them.
It's a satisfaction when someone say "Thank You" or maybe dia tak cakap pun but we know they thanked us.
It's a satisfaction when you see they united with their family back and live their life happily.
And many moreeeeee!

I hope, I'll get to feel that kind of satisfaction one day.
I hope, I'll get the chance to see a positive change in someone's life by my bare hand (with the power of Almighty).
I hope, I can serve for the ummah.
I want to "wakafkan" diri untuk ummah. I want to see the world is smiling again!
I want to spread the positiveness to the world!

Let's do this, peeps!
No matter who you are. We are Khalifah in this world and we have the chance to do that!

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