Sunday, October 11, 2015

Road to Final Exam Sem 1

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Hi all!

Can't believe that today is Sunday. Although the time now is 1.35 a.m. but still can consider as Sunday.
We are on the next day after 12 o'clock at night.

Arrrrrr! Monday is the day that I would take the final examination for Semester 1.
I know it is just Semester 1 anddd I am only a Tamhidian (foundation student). Maybe there are some people said,

"Why do you have to worried about that exam?"

Hey! I have to score at least 3.5 in order to pursue my study in Medicine anddd there's a quota. Yes, the limit number of students to study in Faculty of Medicine and Health Science in Pandan Indah, KL. The journey is not easy as you guys think. Because there's only 80 seats offered by USIM while Medic students in foundation already above the quota which is 126. Plus, the dentistry and science and technology students, who are could possibly taking the medic course too?

So, we have to compete among 514 students (including medic, dentistry and sc tech students)

*sounds too scary right?*

Okay lah. I will just ignore the dentistry and sc tech students. Hahahahaha 
I have to put endless and countless efforts in order to succeed. Yes, I can! 

I still remember when we had our last lecture for Physics last week. 
Sir Arho told us that we have to score at least 3.5 for semester 1. Because the result in sem 1 will determine whether we are eligible to take the medicine course for our degree or not. And that's really haunting me since that day. And plus the mood to study for semester 2. Will we study happily or not. Hahahahaha okay that's true. 

Photo session with our Physics lecturer last Friday

Hopefully, everything will be fine. Amiin. There's nothing impossible, right?

I make a daily reminder. And guess what? It had remind me since last Monday. It looks like my phone is over excited to take the exam hahahahah

Unlike her owner. 


There are too many chapters to be digested. Too many words to be memorized. Too many formulas to be applied. The bad news is there's no formula will be given in exam paper. 

And I be like, yeayyyyyy! Yeayyy lah sangat.

Well, this is kind of training for us before entering the medical school. In medical school, there are infinity of terms and symptoms and scientific names to memorize. Hemo hemo. 

Alright. Just leave it to the Allah. 
Put more and more efforts. In shaa Allah we'll be rewarded. 

Study for akhirah! Not for dunya.

OMG, this is my first post I'm using english for the whole thing hahaha.

Pardon me for my bad grammar errors. I'm still learning. Hahahaha 

Thanks for reading, peeps!
Have a nice weekend. And I'm entertaining myself by reading and memorizing things. 

Please, do pray for me! XOXO

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