Tuesday, October 20, 2015

End of Semester 1

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Hi all!!

Am really happy since yesterday at 12 noon hahahaha

It has been 6 months being a Tamhidian. Another 6 months and get into degree. 
Can't believe that I'm grown up now! (macam kecil sangat)

6 papers drowned me during the exam. As usual, as a science stream student, the Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are compulsory subjects for us. 
Commonly, the science stream students would finish their paper on the last day of exam. 
That's too common since school. 

So, now Tawakal and Doa begin. Hopefully, my examiners will be in sedate mode while marking my papers. Oh Allah! Please help me. To study peacefully in the next semester, I have to score above 3.5. Hmmmm....

Oh, the day before we had our last paper, my class organized a mini party (party? sorry I couldn't find the appropriate word) at Nilai Impian Lake. We had so much fun that evening. I ate a lot hahaha. 
I don't know why but I felt that time, it was really enjoyable. Although, we had the Chemistry paper on the next day. Watching your friends laughing is a kind of relief that suddenly came into your heart. I love watching people laughing :) 

We had a photoshoot for our last meeting!

Here are some of the photos.

Class of Tutorial 4, Tamhidi of Medicine.


This delicious cake, we bought at Mango Cake House :) Seriously, delicious!

I'm gonna miss my classmates! Cause we heard that the tutorial classes might be reshuffled in order to balance the number of students. So, maybe some of us would move to another class. Seriously, sad. Ahahahah because we are like family and suddenly we have to separate. 


Semester 1 is okay. Okay lah, alhamdulillah.

Okay, last photo I payung uolls. Ahaks.

From left: Me, Farhanah and Najeebah.

This photo was taken yesterday but I felt like it has been so long time we had a wefie because reputan is occurring rn. 

Upcoming event: MUET test. Do pray for us!

Lets prepare guys! 
*pardon me for my grammar errors. i'm still learning to improve my english*

Thanks for reading! 

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