Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What a careless mistake! LoL

I craved a carrot cake. So, I decided to bake a cake this afternoon.

Macam biasa campur semua bahan, sukat dan campak.
Sebelum masuk oven, I taste the batter.

"Ermm, why it tastes so sweet? Like there is something wrong somewhere. But what is it?"

Agak cair dan hmmm.
While waiting for the oven to be heated, I tidy up the things and put it back to the place. Suddenly, I realize that the icing sugar packet was untied.

"Eh? I masukkan tepung ke icing sugar tadi?"

Searching for the flour. Andddd ooppssss I was careless.

Supposed to be 2 cups of flour not the icing sugar. Oh my god!
Patutlah the batter tasted super sweet LoL

Long time no bake since 1 year and half months ago.
The last time when I was in form 4! How long it is!

In a nutshell, you have to be careful!
Is it funny? No, it isn't funny at all!

This is not my carrot cake. This photo was stolen from Google.com hehe.

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