Saturday, December 24, 2016

Study week be like

So, I decided to spend my weekend at home with my family (well, instead of waiting what kind of surprise or treat they want to give since last Wednesday was my birthday hehe).

But before went home yesterday, I was given a task by my friend to finish first 10 of anatomy lecture notes. Well, but you know me? I'm a kind of a lazy girl to do that immediately so as usual, procrastinating is the best thing ever to be done *astaghfirullah*.

After finishing the scapular region just now, I decided to stalk someone's blog or I actually want to know their love story. Since when they know each other and so on. Hahahahahah wasting time but I love to read blog. So, guess what?

Stalking and scrolling and stalking and reading, finally, I've found the title of my favorite song (which I've been looking for years). Wuhuuuu, please give me a big applause, lol.


Okay, got to go. I want to continue my stalking session.