Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What's wrong with me?

So, as you guys know, this week is our study week.
But, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me today?
Why I said so? Because I was embarrassing myself in TWO Whatsapp groups. Nahh, it seems not to many pun kan but still until now, I get embarrassed when I'm thinking of it.
So, this is one of my BIGGEST problems.

When I realized, I had done something embarrassing, I won't stop thinking about it.
I will keep thinking about apa-orang-kata thing. Like orang mesti kata pasal aku. Auch!

Well, people make mistakes everyday. Kan?
But I don't know what's wrong with me.

One of the scenes for today was when I was so excited to tell my friends about this Thursday. This Thursday we are going to have a revision session in a dissection hall and histology lab for our anatomy subject. So, I was so excited (like really?) to tell them that "let's divide the group into two according to the list name like during the practical in dissection hall. Since we have 4 groups, just follow that list name only." while actually, my ketua batch has told about it in our batch Whatsapp group. Like what? What the hell is wrong with you, Sarah? I didn't read about it before I told them about my idea. My bad!

I get embarrassed until now. Believe me?

The second one was when I was so excited (too) to tell my friends about "Hey dude, I've found you in my friend's photo on Instagram." So, what I did was, I've sent the photo to the Whatsapp group. But then aku rasa pelik gila because seems like there's no reaction from others. I was like, "Hey, I've found him in kawan lain yang bukan dari sekolah kita punya gambar kotttt." Lol. I know, it is not important enough pun to tell them but maybe just maybe stress sikit kot harini tah kenapa.

At last, the guy who was in that photo pun respon. Tapi still aku pelik, kenapa dia tak excited. You know what? When I was scrolling through my Instagram, he have uploaded that photo 4 HOURS AGO. Tapi aku baru nampak. And I was like, whatttttttt... What the hell is wrong with you, Sarah? Embarrassment everywhere.

Mungkinkah pengajaran daripada dua incident di atas adalah SILA BACA DAN SELIDIK SEBELUM POST. Lol. I'm not viralling any kind of issues pun hahahaha.

Well, I still get embarrassed until now!

Let's study Physiology!

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