Thursday, January 5, 2017

Moving on

Remember my previous post?

Alah yang paling latest tu. So, ni sambungannya.

Last 2 days, I was informed that he already has someone else hahahahaha.
I don't know what to say and what to feel. But, I guess this is the best for me. You know, maybe this is the answer from Him. I've asked Him about him. Tanya apa tu, ada lah. So, maybe this is the final answer. Don't I feel sad?

Kenapa nak sedih? Hahahahahaha, I should be more than grateful because I know He has planned something that is more awesome than this. Somehow, I realize, whenever I have that feelings towards any guys, you know that feeling you want to be loved and you want to love someone, or maybe dengan kata lain, one day you want to get married with him and spend your entire life with him (read: the right guy), there must be something that will pull me from doing that.

You get me?

Means, macam ada sesuatu kuasa yang takkan benarkan untuk aku berbuat demikian. It's either you are not being able to confess or he already has someone else and of course you'll be broken up but then life goes on. All we need is to be positive.

I've tried so many times. And memang tak pernah sampai jauh kecuali sorang lah itupun dah 2 tahun move on. Itupun, selepas ada lah satu kisah ni. 8 tahun kot aku simpan perasaan kat dia hahahahaha. I know this is funny.

It's normal if you feel heart broken. Or maybe you wanna cry as much as you want but that won't heal you. Try to move on and ask Allah to remove that feelings from your heart. I know, it's hurt. It hurts so much. But we should be thankful to Allah. Remember, good thing takes time...

So, I think I have an exact azam tahun baru untuk 2017.

(cannot be shared, it's a secret)

And I've been thinking this for many times, there are a lot of perempuan bekerjaya yang umur dia dah menjangkau 30-an pun masih ada yang belum berkahwin sedangkan mereka bekerjaya, so kenapa aku nak risau? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, stupidity everywhere. So, get your degree and teruskan kehidupan. Kita tak tahu bila kita mati. Ada kemungkinan yang kita akan mati dulu sebelum habis belajar ke? Kita akan mati dulu sebelum kita berkahwin?

Mati itu pasti.

So, stay strong, okay? The journey is still long. Very long. So many miracles can happen.
Jangan lembik, Dr. Sarah!
Doktor kena kuat (nanti kesian patient).

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