Sunday, November 8, 2015


Had a conversation with ibu while watching Anugerah Skrin 2015.


Ibu: Kejap je kau dah nak naik semester 2.

Me: Ermmm.. Eh, harini berapa hari bulan? *pretend to forget*

Ibu, you make me cry lah T.T

I know she's sad because I'm gonna leaving her. Maybe, she feels lonely, I mean yeah she has no one to chat with instead of my father and my 4-year-old sister.

I love to make some silly jokes with my mom.
I have 4 siblings and 3 of us are staying in the hostel.

Hmmmm.. This is the reason why I love to go home every weekend. Just because of my parents. I know they miss their daughters so much though they don't express their feelings. I think all parents have the same feelings towards their children. I am grateful because my home is near to my college. Thanks Allah! I am happy.

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