Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My biggest mistake

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Hey guys, whatcha doin'?

Watching tv while surfing internet? 
Online shopping? Ahah! That is one of my hobbies. 

Based on my previous post, I'd mention my AZAM BARU for semester 2. And one of it was,

"Being serious but not most of the time."

But then I think, it is not wrong to enjoy when you're still studying but not most of the time. To enjoy is to release stress, kan?

I've discovered the main problem why am I not getting a good grade.

And the problem isssss

I didn't complete the tutorial all the time. Yes, I often did it last minute, very last minute. The tutorial class was about 10 minutes left to start and I still struggling to finish it all hahaha and sometimes I just borrowed my friend's work and pretending like I'd finished my assignment. But then I didn't understand a word what my lecturer explained. Kan dah buang banyak masa?

It's far better for me to complete the tutorial though its hard to be understood (sometimes) rather than bring my friend's into the class and get nothing. Manusia ni asyik nak senang je kat dunia. 

In this case, I've lost two important and precious things,

- The knowledge
- The good grade

From book "How to Become A Successful Medical Student" by Prof. Muhaya

Because I realize, to get a good grade, it's not coming from your last minute study, non-complete tutorial and the like. The first thing to do is to complete the tutorial by hook or by crook and determine your weaknesses. 

Second, I rarely studying during the night. I always sleep early at 9 o'clock but didn't wake up early to study. Padahal kerja sangat banyak. I need to change my bad habit. I've tried many times to sleep early and wake up early but it wasn't successful. 

Yesterday, I was so frustrated, crying heavily because of not getting a best grade. And this supportive girl gave me this,

Allah adalah mengikut sangkaan hamba-Nya.

So, lets think positive!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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